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Tesla gets a tough lesson in entomology

Tesla products may flout physics, but biology is proving tougher to dismiss. The phylum arthropoda is showing it can stand up to Tesla and its mighty Tesla Torque.™

A few days back, a Tesla Model X piloted by Greg from the Wiggles thoughtlessly stepped on a Lamborghini Mint Leaf Beetle (chrysolina herbacea) owned and piloted by a granary weevil (sitophilus granarius) named Yianni Charalambous.

Squaring off against the Lambo

Preparing to crush chrysolina herbacea

Yianni Charalambous

Yianni Charalambous

But Yianni quickly opened his garage and dispatched a scurrying Lamborghini Six-Spotted Tiger Beetle (cicindela sexguttata) to avenge that loss by skillfully employing its six-legged propulsion system and power-to-weight ratio to defeat the Model X.

Lamborghini Six-Spotted Tiger Beetle

Lamborghini Six-Spotted Tiger Beetle

Greg Page, innocent victim

Greg is always a good sport, and his teeth match his shirt to boot.

But wait! Deep in a California cave, Tesla Laboratory is bio-engineering a very nasty, fleet-footed creature called the Tesla ACR (American cockroach roadster). So this ain’t over, not by a longshot. Everyone knows this bug show ain’t over till the fat castor bean tick (ixodesricinus) sings.

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