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Euro automakers lack Tesla’s balls

Stefan Lodeweyckx TeslaMondo

Stefan Lodeweyckx

That’s the opinion of several European business leaders, speaking at a sustainable energy conference in Belgium. Euro business culture frowns upon failure and therefore clings to the status quo, leaving real innovation for a US-based guy like Don Quixote Musk, who has already said that in hindsight, he thought Tesla would probably fail, but forged ahead anyway because someone had to do it.

Despite all the headlines about European “Tesla-killers” from VW, Daimler, BMW etc., none exist. Why? “I’m sorry for my language but you need some big balls and a lot of guts.” So said Stefan Lodeweyckx, CEO of Enervalis. Others at the conference echoed that thought.

Europe isn’t alone, of course. Tesla caught all automakers, from all continents, in a coma. Its product line and business model are so far afield from the rest of the auto world that nobody quite knows what to do, yet everyone knows inaction will only allow a historic invasion by this merciless gang of Silicon Valley engineers — now with a world-renowned Canadian battery scientist riding shotgun, and soon with financial support from its red-hot energy storage unit.