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Korea tweaks incentives to include Tesla

Tesla debuted in Korea this spring, with some fanfare — but with zero tax incentives because Tesla charging time exceeded the max allowed. Today the local news says the Korean Ministry of Environment will stretch the charging time standard to get Tesla under the umbrella. The changes take effect in September.

You win some, you lose some (Hong Kong).


Another fool cell zone invaded?

Diplomacy war game TeslaMondoTesla has registered for business in S. Korea and named local officers, says here. If true, it means we need to update the scorecard in this international automotive war game.

Japan: Toyota and Honda fool cell stronghold. Tesla invasion underway despite massive government effort to prop its home FCV team.
S. Korea: Hyundai fool cell stronghold. Tesla invasion soon.
N. Korea: Fool stronghold.

Of course, deep down. TeslaMondo believes the world’s entire ICE fleet will eventually be replaced with zero-emissions transport. That leaves plenty of room for Tesla, its EV rivals, and fool cell vehicles, a.k.a Rube Goldberg transport.

On the ICE front, Musk and others propose that VW make a big commitment to electric vehicles as part of a plea bargaining agreement. To the extent that VW represents the ICE Axis in Europe, this is tantamount to losing Normandy.

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 8.20.33 AM.pngWhy stop the war analogies now? The Ride of the Valkyries has begun in earnest. The Model X signature series apparently will ship by the hundreds, as hoped, before world comes to an end Dec. 31, 2015. Well, that is indeed how investment analysts see the world. Tesla needs to deliver at least 50k vehicles by that day or else.

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