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The best ad is no ads


Tesla “Gallons of Light” ad.

Years ago, TeslaMondo complied some amateur Tesla ads . . .

Attempt Number One
Attempt Number Two
Attempt Number Three
Attempt Number Four
Attempt Number Five
Attempt Number Six
Attempt Number Seven
Attempt Number Eight
Attempt Number Nine
Attempt Number Ten
Attempt Number Eleven

. . . and concluded that cute kids, dew drops, saccarhine kissy-poo and polar bears don’t boost Tesla’s brand image. In fact, they detract because they’re typical car kitsch. The best advertisement for Tesla, the ad that really floats above the din, is the lack of typical ads. True then and true now.

Nevertheless, looks like Musk is going to have an amateur ad contest, thanks to a tweet from a father-daughter team (mostly father for sure, contrary to headlines). If they’re more of the same fare, maybe Tesla should pull a GM and crush the whole pile, EV1 style. Sorry to sound grumpy, but Tesla doesn’t need kitsch. Where is Tesla’s brand chief Ganesh Srivats, recently hired away from Burberry? Probably eyeing the back door after hearing about this.