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BMW fire story smacks of money grab

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 4.00.25 AMStand and deliver, BMW! Behold the latest attack by the posse TeslaMondo has repeatedly warned about:

  • Plaintiff attorney looking for airtime
  • Journalist with airtime to lend
  • “Safety expert” on plaintiff payroll but never identified that way

This skunk team is responsible for a long string of automotive spook stories going back decades, some well-known, some not, all of them concocted to squeeze settlements from Big Auto. Here are some you might not remember. More recently, the Toyota acceleration farce, the Tesla autopilot farce, and now the BMW fire farce.

Does the auto industry sometimes screw the public whilst chasing $$$? Of course: GM ignition scandal, VW diesel weasel scandal, Takata airbag scandal. Sometimes it’s a borderline case of malfeasance with no clear culprit, as in the Ford/Firestone fiasco. But we should never allow ourselves to be informed by the likes of Brian Ross from ABC News, plaintiff attorneys like Joseph Santoli (where this BMW story likely originated despite his low placement in the story) or bespoke “safety experts” like Sean Kane, dissected in detail here.

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This fake turmoil sets stage for lawsuits

Criswell predicts TeslaMondoCan Autopilot survive sue-happy USA? That’s what TeslaMondo pondered last year. Well, let’s look at the current conditions:

High-profile accident? Check.
Hyperbolic headlines? Check.
Consumer advocates chiming in? Check.
Regulators chiming in ? Check.
Congress chiming in ? Check.

All that’s missing now are the opportunistic lawsuits. TeslaMondo predicts a settlement-seeking lawsuit within a month, claiming Tesla was reckless in deploying Autopilot. Followed immediately by polished sound bites from plaintiff lawyers and their bespoke safety advocate, Sean Kane from Safety Research & Strategies.

In short, there’s blood in the water. Musk should NOT testify before any Congressional committee right now, for his every word will be replayed in court.