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Teslas bösen plan ist sicherlich die in Deutschland arbeiten

Dr. Evil TeslaMondoAfter a week of headlines about “Tesla killer” concept cars in Frankfurt, it’s time to revisit Tesla’s view of competition:

Skip to 11:51. Musk: “If the big car companies see that our sales are good, and that we’re actually taking a little bit of market share — I mean we’re a tiny company, a drop in the bucket — but if they see how people are buying these cars, then they will have no choice but to conclude that electric cars are the right way to go, and that will accelerate the transition to sustainable transport.”

He said that in Germany, incidentally.

When you take that comment, then add Tesla’s open-source IP stance, and throw in Diarmuid O’Connell’s recent public plea for more EV contenders — it’s hard to fear the German concept cars shown this week. Contrary to the Tesla-baiting headlines, the birth of German high-performance EVs — whenever it really happens — simply represents Tesla’s plot coming to some fruition.

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