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Pity the fool cells

Darth Dieter TeslaMondoDaimler is stepping way back from its fuel cell ambitions to instead accelerate its EV program, now that Tesla is running circles around Darth Dieter* Zetsche. Tesla’s 25,000 units in Q1 — many of them woulda, shoulda, coulda been Daimler units. And not just any Daimler units, but high-grossing SUVs, the ham sandwiches of automobiledom. Nearly half of those 25k Tesla units were Model X, a much fatter proportion than just a year ago.

When will Toyota, Honda and Hyundai follow Daimler’s lead and scrap their hapless fuel cell ambitions? They’d better make up their minds soon, before the EV train, with Musk at the controls, becomes uncatchable and leaves them standing at the station, index fingers two knuckles deep in their noses. Heck, even bumbling FF is at least trying to play follow the leader. Um, literally.

And hybrids? Puh-leeze. In a few months it will be abundantly clear that the pure EV age has arrived. No need for the half-assedness of hybrids. You can go fully-assed with Tesla for almost the same dough.

*He’s yo’ daddy, you know, for he saved Tesla from the abyss years ago.