Chapter & Verse

Important statements
Elon Musk calls fuel cell vehicles “bullshit” at 29:20.
Elon Musk cites “bullshit” factor in alleged battery breakthroughs at 3:58.
Musk issues Warning 1 about stock price at :45
Musk issues Warning 2 about stock price, largely repeating warning 1.
Musk issues Warning 3 about stock being “kind of high right now.”
JB Straubel comments on world lithium supply at 38:05.

Tesla vs car dealers:
Open letter from consumer groups.
Open letter from Federal Trade Commission.
Open letter (2) from Federal Trade Commission.
Open letter from group of economists and law professors.
Open warning from Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers to dealers about protectionism.
Open letter of complaint from General Motors about being stuck with dealers
Promotional video from auto dealers about their importance.
Undercover shoppers find that dealers fumble EV sales.

Notable naysayers
Toyota chairman Takeshi Uchiyamada says there’s “no market” for all-electric vehicles., a dealer chum, knows what’s best for Tesla.
Daimler and Bosch know what’s best for Tesla.
Battery guys know what’s best for Tesla.
Lux Research knows what’s best for Tesla.
Battery guru knows Model III is $50k.
EV Expert knows what’s best for Tesla.
Bob Lutz knows what’s best for Tesla.
Harvard think-tanker says Tesla will never scale up.
Darth Dieter says the Gigafactory is too risky.
The Truth About Cars writes a series called “Tesla Death Watch.” Here’s one entry.
Here’s a Huffington Post postmortem about Tesla from 2008, written in the past tense.

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