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Mess-up yesterday, fixed

Nissan Dongfeng real image TeslaMondoYesterday’s post about the new Nissan/Dongfeng car in China needs correcting because it repeated an odd choice of image in Want China Times. That cheeky car in the WCT screen shot looks nothing like the production version, which is just a rebadged Nissan Leaf. So much for fun. Thanks to TeslaMondo reader Zach for the corrective observation. Original post removed.


Gaining in Europe, but TOO big in Norway?

The Model S is outselling the far cheaper Nissan Leaf in northern Europe. That’s good. But it’s so popular in Norway — due in large part to government EV incentives — that some people are wishin’ they had Model S repellant spray. That’s bad. Electric cars get lots of perks in Norway: tax exemptions, free charging, and legal use of bus travel lanes. Well, the bus drivers don’t like that. Buses now have competing traffic from EV drivers. That makes bus riders tempted to forget about public transport and buy an EV for themselves, adding to the logjam. Norway’s original plan was to reassess its aggressive EV incentives in 2017 or when the EV population hits 50,000, but that 50k number will come in early 2015. Just how popular is the Model S in Norway? Here’s a video glimpse.

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New war game: fuel cell vs. plug-in

War Games TeslaMondoSure looks like a war game. The latest move: Japan will heavily subsidize fuel cell vehicles, with incentives for buyers and fuel station owners. All the better for home-team players, Toyota and Honda, who are banking on fuel cells as the solution to clean motoring.

Meanwhile, Tesla is moving to build an EV alliance by giving away its patented technology. Mahindra, BMW and even Japan-based Nissan are shaping up to be “plug alliance” members. If Japan loses Nissan to Musk, well that’s a setback for the Japanese “fuel cell axis.” One war strategist, Adam Jonas from Morgan Stanley, a TSLA investor, says some automakers are pretending to throw support behind fuel cell technology rather than acknowledge their failure in electric cars.

See the gamesmanship afoot here? Musk is indeed a gamer, even referencing an old Sega video game when he declared, “All our patent are belong to you.” Forming alliances, dividing, conquering — get ready for plenty of war strategy in the coming years. It’s a good thing Musk is already making inroads in China. That’s the real mother lode by anyone’s estimation. Worth a lot of points, you could say.

But wait — this morning we hear of a crybaby in China who harmed his Tesla because it took too long to arrive, allowing others to get their Teslas first, and presumably get all the local tail. That’s one indication of just how seriously some Chinese take their frontin’. Wow.

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Mahindra nibbling Tesla’s patent bait

Last week it was Nissan and BMW. Today it’s Indian electric automaker Mahindra. All are window-shopping Tesla’s wares. To boot, Tesla CFO Deepak Ahuja is keen on expansion into India.

Hmmm . . .

Grab your popcorn and get comfortable, because you won’t want to leave this show for a minute, not even for a bathroom break. In fact, grab an empty bottle to pee in. These next few scenes are going to be interesting indeed.

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Nissan, BMW, Tesla forming triumvirate?

Tesla pie chart 2 TeslaMondo


Tesla pie chart 3


Assuming the Financial Times is correct about Nissan and BMW talking to Tesla about charging technology, how will they comply with Musk’s edict that charging be free to customers, or at least baked into the purchase price? How will they improve their cars to accept Tesla’s super-potent charging delivery? That’s another Musk requirement. How will they contribute financially?

Will this go beyond charging discussions and lead to any collaborative cars, as Tesla has done with Daimler and Toyota? Will this lead to a “Big 3” in electro-mobility? What about China? Europe? Even India? Will they want “in” on a broad EV protocol?

Will TSLA shareholders view these discussions as dilution or solution? TeslaMondo sides with the latter. The TeslaMondo pie charts clearly illustrate the benefits of tech-sharing among EV players as the segment struggles to achieve economies of scale and shoulder the burden of public skepticism. A bigger pie benefits everyone with a stake in it.


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