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Why not start Model Y pre-orders?

Model X reservations article TeslaMondo

Yes, people started lining up for Model X in 2012. They didn’t begrudge Tesla a whole lot for the long wait, did they?

Too early, you say? Well, let’s see. Model X pre-orders began in February of 2012. Meaningful volume production began four years later, much longer than expected. This time around, a four-year incubation period would actually be expected, true? With Model III about to launch two years ahead of its original forecast, Tesla is proving to be a fast learner. Those four years might really become three.

Remember the erstwhile Tesla resale guarantee? Tesla could offer a similar guarantee to Model III buyers: If you turn it in for a Model Y in _________ years, you’ll get at least __________ trade-in value toward a Model Y assuming __________ miles on the odometer and wear/tear under ______________ dollars.

This would keep today’s Model III reservation holders from defecting to the Model Y queue. The III would become an early reservation for a Model Y. A nutty, slapdash idea? Probably, but don’t forget which website you’re reading.

Here’s a Model Y rendering leaked directly from a source at Tesla.

Tesla Model Y rendering TeslaMondo

But seriously, Tesla now has such brand cachet that anything will trigger $1,000 deposits en masse. So Y not open the spigot?

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The Riddler drops two hints

Musk on Twitter:

Musk Tweets III and Y, falcon doors TeslaMondo

The Bat Computer says the III is the sedan, and the “more adventurous” version is the Y, a crossover, with falcon wings. Hey, the R/D is already done for those wild n’ crazy doors. Why not get more mileage out of the technology? Yes, very clever Mr. Riddler. The S and X will each have a younger sibling, so to speak, and you will finally complete the word S-E-X-Y in your product lineup — all part of your twisted sense of humor.

So the Y will have three rows, eh, to justify the falcon doors? Or maybe that’s what you want us to think . . .

Riddler TeslaMondo

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