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Korea tweaks incentives to include Tesla

Tesla debuted in Korea this spring, with some fanfare — but with zero tax incentives because Tesla charging time exceeded the max allowed. Today the local news says the Korean Ministry of Environment will stretch the charging time standard to get Tesla under the umbrella. The changes take effect in September.

You win some, you lose some (Hong Kong).


Cities need Tesla badly, but . . .

Tesla in Manhattan TeslaMondo

Space: The final frontier for SpaceX.

Cities: The final frontier for Tesla. The need for automotive change is most demonstrable in cities. Mexico City is forcing cars to stay home due to smog, just as Tesla begins a timely push into Mexico. We’ve already know about Chinese cities. And even Paris sometimes rations car travel due to air quality. Cities desperately need transportation that is both electric and autonomous: Electric for the zero-emissions part, and autonomous for congestion relief, by reducing the number of cars. And for safety’s sake. Ride-share attacks may be few, but they poke a nerve.

This all sounds like a slam dunk for Tesla, except Tesla isn’t yet fully urbanized or fully autonomous.

Not fully urbanized: The Model S/X are too fleshy for many cities. The Model III can’t come fast enough. In fact, thorough infiltration in some of the world’s cities will require an even smaller Tesla. And urban charging is still a challenge. Destination chargers will soon outnumber gas stations in NYC — but they don’t have Supercharger speed. They take about four hours. And across the globe, Chinese high-rise dwellers — and that basically means every single human being in China — often deal with agita from property owners about charger installation.

Not fully autonomous: Urban chaos still doesn’t compute well. Everyone knows Tesla has something in the oven, but what? And when will it come out? Do these photos reveal Tesla’s latest work, or was this Model S an innocent mule for someone else’s research?

Paris_wild_intersection_crazyTeslaMondo believes Tesla will find a better urban charging solution and also soon make Teslas pilot themselves unaided betwixt anarchic taxis, anarchic rickshaws and anarchic pedestrians. Then the world’s cities will really belong to Tesla. Until then, they still belong to dirty, superfluous ICEs.

And Mars still belongs to Bowie.



Singapore robs $15k from Tesla buyer

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 6.31.07 PM

The victim.

It’s a carbon emissions penalty. No joke. Yet the Peugeot Ion gets a $20k rebate, and the BMW i3 and i8 get a $30k rebate. This is the same country that caned that American kid 20 years ago. Now it’s caning Tesla owners. Something’s wrong with this picture.

UPDATE: Tesla is talking to the prime minister about this.

UPDATE: The local transportation authority says because this was a used car, it triggered a bunch of confusing nonsense that few readers will bother trying to decipher. But good luck anyway.


Another fool cell zone invaded?

Diplomacy war game TeslaMondoTesla has registered for business in S. Korea and named local officers, says here. If true, it means we need to update the scorecard in this international automotive war game.

Japan: Toyota and Honda fool cell stronghold. Tesla invasion underway despite massive government effort to prop its home FCV team.
S. Korea: Hyundai fool cell stronghold. Tesla invasion soon.
N. Korea: Fool stronghold.

Of course, deep down. TeslaMondo believes the world’s entire ICE fleet will eventually be replaced with zero-emissions transport. That leaves plenty of room for Tesla, its EV rivals, and fool cell vehicles, a.k.a Rube Goldberg transport.

On the ICE front, Musk and others propose that VW make a big commitment to electric vehicles as part of a plea bargaining agreement. To the extent that VW represents the ICE Axis in Europe, this is tantamount to losing Normandy.

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 8.20.33 AM.pngWhy stop the war analogies now? The Ride of the Valkyries has begun in earnest. The Model X signature series apparently will ship by the hundreds, as hoped, before world comes to an end Dec. 31, 2015. Well, that is indeed how investment analysts see the world. Tesla needs to deliver at least 50k vehicles by that day or else.

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Tesla kills bugs dead: Today, a trademark squatter. Tomorrow, the electric grid.

Chinese trademark squatter TeslaMondoTesla now owns its identity in China after paying an undisclosed amount that guy in the Tesla golf cart, for two Web domains. Separately, Chinese authorities forced him to abandon his product trademarks. For what product, you ask? For his alleged electric supercar that he was totally just about to release any day. Sometimes Google TranTesla trademark squatter TeslaMondoslate butchers headlines in an oddly appropriate manner. Scroll down.

Meanwhile, Tesla is going to put a serious hurt on electric power companies when it supplies energy storage via Gigafactory batteries. That’s been said before, but not in this much detail. As folks move off the grid with a solar/battery combo, the folks remaining on the grid will pay through the nose, making them more eager to get off. See the doomsday scenario here? Morgan Stanley does.Tesla China trademark dispute TeslaMondo

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A word from Neuman Securities

Tesla earnings due May 7, 2014 Yesterday a lot of Nervous Nellies grabbed their smartphones, ran to the toilet and unloaded a bunch of stuff at once, including their shares of TSLA. All because Tesla’s deliveries to Norway inexplicably and dramatically dropped, according to a trader writing on Seeking Alpha. This implies demand has inexplicably and dramatically dropped, which implies the same thing will happen elsewhere, which implies Tesla’s international expansion is a mere carnival tour, with Musk barking “Step right up, folks” for a few days, then pulling up the tent stakes and moving on before people start calling the police. Eventually Tesla runs out of locales and goes back to chicken farming.

Flussshhhhhhhh . . .

No worries here. Supply constraint does funny things to delivery rates as a company tries to appease different markets. Delivery is bound to be erratic regardless of demand. Trying to dissect Tesla’s global delivery pattern is like trying to unscramble scrambled eggs. Give it up already.

Anyone who doubts Tesla’s permanence in the marketplace should visit The Erotic Salon of Los Angeles. It was formed in February and goes by TESLA. You know a car company has staying power the world over when its name leads the mind “down there.” Just imagine what Tesla will do to sex culture when it expands in Thailand. A Thai hot spice already bears the name.

Nookie and hot spices today, world domination tomorrow.

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