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Musk should flee Trump before this worsens

Musk should quit Trump’s business roundtables ASAP, while the fallout would still be relatively minor. Sure, Tesla stock may take a hit, but it’s better than the long term implications of rubbing shoulders with a reckless buffoon, a man who apparently never made the childhood mistake of swatting a hornets’ nest. The hornets don’t go away, and your back yard does not become safer. Instead, the episode ends badly for the idiot holding the stick and anyone in the immediate vicinity.  

Musk’s life was already in danger for rattling large, sophisticated institutions. Now he’s flirting with a wholly different kind of danger. Radicals, newly stimulated by Trump’s childish attempt at corralling Muslims, will see Trump’s business roundtable as unprotected Trump cohorts, low-hanging fruit.

Yes, we know that Musk is trying to speak out, trying to add a voice of reason. That provides zero distinction for armed nitwits with insect minds and insect vision. You’re nearby? You’re getting stung. Musk is probably starting to notice that reasoning with Trump is impossible. Reasoning with hornets is beyond impossible. TeslaMondo thinks Elon should turn and sprint.


Heat Miser owns a Tesla Roadster?

Dubious source. And another dubious source.

If it’s true, this might bode well for the imminent meeting between Musk and Trump. Wait — this just in. It might not happen.

A word from Newman securities

newmanHere’s a good, concise article about Tesla’s survivability under President Heat Miser. TeslaMondo will make it even more concise here.

  1. Solar is pretty safe. State governments control net metering. And the 30 percent federal reimbursement for solar insulation was a Republican gig (Bush) with enduring bipartisan support. Plus, costs are falling so fast that the math will soon make sense even without that 30 percent.
  2. Fuel efficiency standards. Will they evaporate? If so, ICEs won’t necessarily become more piggish because customers still value fuel economy. Efficiency still bespeaks good engineering. But if they do become more piggish, so be it. Tesla smells even fresher.
  3. EV incentives were going away soon anyway.
  4. Trade barriers with Mexico will cause agita in Detroit, but not Fremont.
  5. Tesla makes desirable stuff. That’s not in the article, but it should be. Raw desire trumps all, even Trump.

screen-shot-2016-11-11-at-8-26-56-amSo let TSLA quiver for a while, under the gaze of Heat Miser. Model III is making its way to home plate. The outfielders are backing up. The culmination of Master Plan Part 1 is nigh. And, you may recall, even Heat Miser was open to compromise. An American company is making the rest of the world look dumb. This makes Heat Miser look good.


Tesla and Trump may need each other

Here’s how people aged 18 to 25 supposedly voted, according to Survey Monkey. That’s a dubious polling organization? Well, let’s assume this is still somewhat accurate:


And here’s which stocks they own, according to MarketWatch:


Unless Trump wants a youth revolt, he’ll have to go easy on Tesla. In fact, Trump could score a massive win with young people if he backs Tesla. He didn’t need the youth vote this time, but these peeps will be four years older and more influential when Trump is up for reelection, and a new crop of even more rabid Tesla fans will backfill.

Moreover, if Trump wants to make American great again, he’ll surely acknowledge that Tesla is already making American ingenuity and manufacturing great again. Plus, both Trump and Musk are at least mildly irritated at China’s protectionist shenanigans. Look at the agita Tesla has suffered just trying to qualify for Chinese EV incentives, despite the overwhelming air pollution problem. TeslaMondo thinks there’s enough common ground to supersede the other stuff and make Elon and Trump strange bedfellows. Very.

Here’s hoping against hope for some camaraderie between President Bunker and Meathead Musk.


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