Tesla stock withstands a stress test

One of the most debated stocks in the entire market mostly sidestepped the generalized anxiety disorder of 2018, so TSLA’s footing isn’t as tenuous as it may seem. This bodes well for resilience in 2019. TeslaMondo thinks this year will bring more macroeconomic jitters, but Tesla should see positive movement in 2019 despite the negative current:

  • New products — Model Y and solar roof at minimum. And a new in-house microchip.
  • Footprint expansion — D-Day in Europe, meaning Model 3 deliveries, will come in February. Chinese Gigafactory progress mitigates investor fear over US-China tensions. India, will you receive an honorable mention this year?
  • Financials — TeslaMondo thinks Tesla has indeed turned the corner financially and isn’t going back. Even if 2019 turns into a full-on recession, Tesla won’t crumble. It lacks the financial maturity of a Ford, but it has a goose laying golden eggs: image, excitement, green credibility. Also, Tesla’s cost-per-kWh, already the best in the biz, will likely fall faster than a recession can take hold, allowing substantial retail price reductions if demand becomes a problem.
  • Musk — His crib has taller walls this year, per SEC decree. Maybe he’ll make progress with his Tinkertoys instead of throwing stuff and trying to climb out.

Here’s a new-year’s resolution for journalists covering Tesla. Stop pitting everyone’s EV efforts against Tesla, as if the EV market is a tiny shark tank vying for a few minnows. The EV market is as large as the Atlantic Ocean. The top three trade-ins for a Model 3 are the Prius, BMW 3-Series and Honda Accord. Every hybrid or gas driver is an EV convert waiting to happen. That’s a lot of fish for a lot of sharks, and plenty of room to spread out.

2 thoughts on “Tesla stock withstands a stress test

  1. John Hanna says:

    I agree with virtually all in today’s Teslamondo post.

    However, only someone with an Elon-sized bandwidth – and he may be alone in that category – can keep so many plates spinning.

    We’re nerve-wracked by anyone we’re invested in (through TSLA stock, respect, hope, etc.) who thinks and acts outside OUR box – or crib.

    It wouldn’t be Elon if he wasn’t multimusking.

    BTW, in 3 years Tesla is doing away with “crib” as a company term to describe Elon’s activity range.


  2. Earl Colby Pottinger says:

    I am hoping the stock falls more so I can buy some more before European sales blow the market away.


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