Q2 notes

  1. Model Y, if it’s called Model Y, will compromise by borrowing the Model III platform per automotive tradition. That’s kind of a shame, as TeslaMondo was hoping to see what Tesla would do with a tabula rasa SUV. Then again, the ultimate compromise would be waiting too long to capitalize on this current Love Jones between consumers and their crossovers. Besides, the Model III platform is already tabula rasa extrema.
  2. Tesla should call it the Eagle, in homage to the seminal modern crossover, the AMC Eagle. And Tesla should offer a woody version. Screen Shot 2017-08-05 at 6.35.36 AM.png
  3. Investor letter ends with the words Semi Truck. There is no way to overstate the potential impact of the September unveiling. At no point did Model III jump out of the closet. By the time it was unveiled onstage, we had already known plenty about it, and had imagined the rest. This truck will indeed jump out of the closet. Most of us know squat about trucking in general, never mind Tesla’s entry.
  4. No plateau in sight for the S/X, even though the S is now a five-year-old design. We’ve heard analysts and journalists say Model S is plateauing since April of 2014. Let’s see them set up a picnic on this plateau. They’ll need a few of these.

Screen Shot 2017-08-05 at 7.13.19 AM.png


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