Chevy Bolt “officially” in trouble

Despite the media narrative of late, the Bolt is stinking up the joint. GM is idling its Bolt plant and has a 111-day supply. So who beat whom? Remember, the Honda Insight beat the Prius to the US market by a few months. And the rest is history.

Officially in trouble TeslaMondo

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 5.23.02 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 5.23.19 PM.png


7 thoughts on “Chevy Bolt “officially” in trouble

  1. wipster56 says:

    You are correct sir!


  2. Philip Reeve says:

    Is it really a surprise the Bolt isn’t flying out the showroom doors? The damn thing is utterly devoid of style; a hodgepodge of odd angles, clashing lines and randomly positioned black bits.

    GM seem to have no commitment to it – it seems to exist solely to kick sand in Elon’s face.

    If GM were serious about developing EV capabilities, I’d be disappointed to see the Bolt fail. As it is, the raving bitch, Barra, set the tone at the Bolt’s debut. One would have hoped the head of one the world’s most productive motor manufacturers (well, productive in that it spews out large numbers of units) could have come up with something more thoughtful and enlightening than her childishly catty digs at Tesla.

    What a pity the automotive corporate mindset is so overwhelmingly bereft of basic morality. With almost every announcement made, they dig themselves deeper into their cesspool, making obvious their own inability to compete on an honest footing.

    Barra is only one example, of course. Just imagine if the head of [insert name of major automaker here] made the following statement at the release of their first “real” EV. “Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve made some major mistakes in the past (lying, cheating, cover-ups, no need to list them due to time constraints) but are on the cusp of a truly new era. Elon Musk, with Tesla, has shown, with overwhelming clarity, the way all of us can move forward for the good of all.

    XYZ Corporation has signed an agreement with Tesla to pool much of our IP in the field of electric transport. We will join Tesla in developing the SuperCharging network for the mutual benefit of the customers of both companies. We have some fantastic ideas for future vehicles – every bit as good as Tesla but which will appeal to a different market segment.

    And now to unveil the XYZ blah, blah, blah.”

    Yes, I know. . . and pigs will fly in formation:-)


  3. Dave B says:

    Car. Of. The. Year.


  4. Luc Turcotte says:

    Here in Québec we have to wait 6 months to get one. This over supply is an anti-marketing gimmick.


  5. […] then there were the headlines (h/t Teslamondo and CleanTechnica archives) […]


  6. […] then there were the headlines (h/t Teslamondo and CleanTechnica archives) […]


  7. Nathanael says:

    Maybe if they shipped it to the dealerships who want it rather than the ones who don’t, they’d have more success. My local dealership, the Bolts sell the moment they get onto the parking lot — he’s been buying them from every other dealership he can contact — and he can’t get GM to give him any more. They assign them to other dealerships instead.

    Face it. GM doesn’t WANT to sell the Bolt. That’s the problem here.


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