Supercharger-sharing talks sound tasty

If Tesla is talking to other automakers about letting them piggyback on Uncle Elon and his Supercharger network — a romantic subplot for many years now — this strikes TeslaMondo as a chance to flesh-out EV adoption with minimal risk to Tesla’s pole position. The more automakers collaborate on EV infrastructure, the lighter the burden for Tesla. But will auto CEOs find a way to save face while riding on Uncle Elon? TeslaMondo thinks the Dieters and Akios of the world will NOT want their cars using Tesla-branded Superchargers. But change the familiar shape, and get rid of the Tesla logo, and now we’re talkin.’

One automaker shouldn’t have to shoulder the burden of EV infrastructure buildout, depicted by Breyers ice cream below. See what’s happening to the little pie? That’s Tesla’s cash oozing out.

Tesla pie chart 2 TeslaMondo


Tesla pie chart 3



One thought on “Supercharger-sharing talks sound tasty

  1. Brian says:

    Breyer’s switched to “natural flavors” many years ago and unlike Tesla, these flavors are best avoided.

    Best to read your ingredients list and I may I suggest Strauss Organic Ice Cream, or Haagen Dazs on sale, if that’s more your thing.


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