Supercharging a semi with solar

Is it possible? With Musk saying the Supercharging network will eventually go solar, and with the semi on the way, it’s time to close our eyes and picture a semi pulling into a  solar charging station. It’s a splendid vision. But what does the charger look like? A new generation we haven’t seen yet, probably, as a reader commented yesterday. What does the solar array look like? Where is it located? How quickly could it juice up a semi?

This is shaping up to be a weekend of dandruff in the blogosphere as everyone scratches their scalps and ponders this tweet by Flash Gordon, King of the Impossible. How will he make this work?

solar supercharger

One of these is dandruff. One is aspartame, a sweetener. One is pollen.



One thought on “Supercharging a semi with solar

  1. vfxx says:

    Trucking companies will have special highpowered SemiSuperChargers onsite and at truck stops


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