Master of suspense? It ain’t Hitchcock.

Here’s the shareholder meeting video. Skip to 28:28 for comments about the Tesla semi. And skip to 31:14 for a shifty-eyed hint: “There’s a few other things I haven’t mentioned here. I’d just really recommend showing up for the semi trunk unveiling. Maybe there’s  a little more than we’re saying here.”

Musk made that comment immediately after talking about Model Y, but TeslaMondo predicts this “one more thing” will be a Tesla pickup. It would fit the truck theme of the day and generate a flood of useful feedback. But it’s nowhere near production, you say? Since when does Tesla shy away from super-early sneak peeks? No other major automaker is making an electric truck anytime soon, so Tesla has nothing to lose by showing such a concept. Also, there’s minimal risk of a pickup stealing thunder from existing Tesla products.

Anyway, back to the semi:

Tesla’s big rig customers are helping Tesla develop the big rig. It’s amazing that we haven’t seen any leaked images yet. Does Tesla frisk the participants to make sure they’re not packing cell phones? Apparently. But what happens when Neuralink gives us the ability to take snapshots with our eyes, or even “periscope” live video? You can’t ask people to check their brains at the door. Then again, the audience at last year’s Mars colonization event managed to do just that. Remember the Q/A session? Yeek!


7 thoughts on “Master of suspense? It ain’t Hitchcock.

  1. wipster56 says:

    A semi ain’t a pickup, it’s a big rig for transporting goods down the highway… and it’s a perfect fit for autonomous driving. Just watch “Logan,” makes perfect sense.

    $400 by the end of June, maybe sooner. Nvidia’s looking good too!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Where did the writer imply that the semi is a pickup?


  3. BEP says:

    Wait, did you do that line drawing? That’s a work of art. It looks exactly like Musk.


  4. RWF says:

    Yes, original material. This isn’t the first time we used that drawing:


  5. wipster56 says:

    My bad, in rereading his comment, it referred to other things not mentioned, not the semi itself. I apologise for the assumption. Regardless, I’m pumped for all things Tesla, so go Elon, go go… Tesla be good!

    Also, I certainly appreciate TeslaMondo and his (or her) enlightened comments, keep ’em coming, along with more insights like Nvidia!


  6. Anonymous says:

    I would guess the surprise will be Supercharger V3, since the semi will need to be paired with a massively upgraded Supercharger system.


  7. wipster56 says:

    Would think that Tesla will have to become great friends​ with the truck stop owners and franchises… wouldn’t doubt that’s one of the groups they are speaking with right now and partnerships will be a major part of the semi announcement. Those semi batteries are going to need a LOT of juice to recharge, so there are a lot of things for the truck stops to consider as well.


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