Portfolio check


Here’s the thought process:

TSLA: Model III and Tesla Semi will thrust shares well past $450 by the end of the year. Only a missile strike from North Korea or the UAW could prevent this. Even if Tesla has hiccups with Model III, it has built up enough good will that customers and investors will hang in there. TeslaMondo is worried, however, about Tesla’s preparedness for a massive recall in the next couple of years. The ratio of cars to service centers is already a little scary, and Model III isn’t out yet. Mobile rangers to the rescue? Hope so!

NVDA: TeslaMondo first bought into TSLA 48 hours before the short squeeze of 2013. TeslaMondo exited TSLA last summer and bought NVDA just before that erupted. Then, early this year, returned to Tesla in time for the Trump rally. Perfect! So why dip a toe back into NVDA now? Because a strong Q1 revitalized the story, erased its deficit for the year and is lifting it anew. This stock does have two problems, but both are irrelevant to the core story. First, there isn’t much mainstream news flow because the CEO doesn’t tweet much, and journalists struggle with hardcore tech anyway. So investors must rely on blogs, forums and a handful of analysts (ugh!) for sage input. And second, techie stocks tend to be volatile due to investor ignorance. When people don’t really understand their investments, they scare easily and overreact. To wit: Google’s new learning-capable cloud TPU caused quite a stir for about 48 hours until some key cognoscenti chimed in to assuage. What exactly is a learning-capable cloud TPU anyway? Exactly. If you adhere to the principle of investing only in what you truly understand, Nvidia is a bad choice for many. However, artificial intelligence is here to stay, and Nvidia is all over it. Uh, apparently.

AMZN: Amazon has cloud retail almost entirely to itself, and this secular trend isn’t waning — though, ironically, Amazon is opening its own physical stores. Next step is drugs. If Amazon finds a way to unscramble the scrambled eggs of pharma sales (health plans, physician refills, urgent situations, liability, all the agita that CVS deals with) the stock will leap despite its nearly four-figure share price. Speaking of that, when AMZN closes over $1,000, it will generate headlines. This in turn will attract new investors.

And so TeslaMondo is doing a little diversifying at the moment. This could change before the Model III final reveal. However, that reveal may prove anticlimactic. If Tesla continues its aggressive anti-selling program, the event will happen behind a dumpster in Compton with Vanilla Ice on the mike.

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