Clickbait headlines “officially” out of hand

Remember this, from a few weeks ago?

Officially in trouble TeslaMondo

Well, it’s going to take a very strong May to reset the nagging suspicion that the Bolt will fall far short of GM’s meager goal of 30k units this year. Here’s the rollout schedule, as a reminder:

Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 10.46.58 PM

And here are the sales data through April:

Chevy Bolt sales through April TeslaMondo

So the production ramp isn’t causing a commensurate sales ramp. The May figures could turn things around — if New England contains hidden pockets of Bolt fans.

The Bolt is like a little ranch house that’s been totally gutted and updated on the inside, so it excels in everything that really matters for most people. It’s an ideal starter house for a young family, your real estate agent will tell you. But unfortunately it’s priced like a McMansion despite the missing cubic feet and missing curb appeal. It starts in the high $30s and tops out in the low $40s. You can find much sexier stuff for that kind of money, electric and otherwise.

The market agrees:

officially in trouble Bolt ad 1

So what’s going on with this Matthew DeBord character? Years ago he wrote about Tesla in the past tense. A few weeks ago he told us Tesla is officially in trouble because of the Bolt. Soon after, he said Tesla is making huge tactical errors in its product plan. Soon after that, he said Model Y represents a disastrous pivot because it will have a separate platform. Sounds pretty bleak for poor Tesla, eh? But now he’s telling us Tesla has the greatest story in the history of cars and could put bumbling incumbents out of business. Hey, a writer has to eat, you know.

This is a reminder of why TeslaMondo will never spend money or accept money. It corrupts journalism.

Click, click, click, — ka-ching!


3 thoughts on “Clickbait headlines “officially” out of hand

  1. Brian says:

    Well, they’ve been seen for sale in Arizona “early” according to this schedule although since the manufacturer has a project going in the area, there could be a relation. I haven’t seen a BOLT in the wild except for one that was (obviously) part of said project.

    Some people are bragging or impressed about the BOLT EV, but none of those people that I’ve heard doing so have bought one although a friend DID take one for a test drive. Out of respect for GM, excuse me, The New GM, and EVs in general I won’t state his comments about the experience.

    Any EV is better than another (of millions) internal combustion vehicle and a select group of drivers, enthusiasts, and investors have realized this. More and more people are realizing that in fact electric vehicles DO exist, and they can be worth investigating, and even buying, to say the least.

    The BOLT isn’t a bad car…but I haven’t driven it…yet. I did try and get information on BOLT EV merchandise via the email that GM sent me and sadly, I couldn’t actually find any BOLT EV merchandise at all, just Chevrolet items, and I don’t know what to say about that…but maybe…it’s coming…We’ll see.

    Fact check!: I did search online and locate some BOLT EV posters, calendars, and a display model. Even the “BOLT EV Floormats” simply say Chevrolet on them, so perhaps, Chevrolet will become GM’s “all electric” brand. Go ahead, The New GM, do something really daring, I mean what have you got to lose?


  2. Nøderak says:

    I saw an Ioniq in OKC yesterday at the dealer. But no Bolts.


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