You’ve come a long way, Dieter

Darth Dieter TeslaMondoBack when Daimler had a stake in Tesla, CEO Darth Dieter turned down a chance to invest in the Tesla Gigafactory on grounds that it was too risky. That’s what he told the press, anyway. Well, lo and behold, look who’s breaking ground on his own pseudogigafactory. It’s not as vertically integrated as Tesla’s factory, however, since Daimler is buying off-the-shelf LG batteries. Tesla engineers its own, with Panasonic as production partner.

This is quite a turnaround for Dieter, but it says even more about his ex-Mercedes chief Steve L. Cannon.* He talked trash about Tesla and EVs in general, in April of 2015. “The potential of fully electric vehicles for the rest of my life and a good portion of the rest of your life will be limited.” Cannon was gone by the end of the year. Tesla proceeded to give Mercedes a violent wedgie by capturing a third of the luxury car market.

For new readers, Dieter Zetsche is Darth Dieter because he saved Tesla’s life during the Great Recession by buying TSLA shares and commissioning a bunch of electric Smart cars. So, like him or not, he’s yo daddy.

Copycat Motors TeslaMondo

Clawing their way back into the game.

*The L is for Loose.


4 thoughts on “You’ve come a long way, Dieter

  1. M. H. Kane says:

    Govermedia Fiction that D. Zetsche saved Tesla . Tesla used to use all relevant patents, tooling and materials from the real founder ; Tesla had no ( no money going out ) debt and only income coming in from patents & Roadsters by that time-frame. Freedom of Information Act ~ M.H. Kane & Tesla Motors / Kane Motors Supercharger patents. BTW I’ll be back at Kane Motors later this year to release next gen tech next year. I thought I’d have to skip a gen to get ahead of Tesla, but they sat on their hands 2000-2003 so I don’t have to * ( I am going to skip ahead anyway though. I didn’t leave the products for the G-variants because they have so much trouble executing my easy old stuff ; I’m certainly not going to waste better resources on a company that only aims for steel bodied govermedia poor people killers.


  2. BEP says:

    What is the comment above mine? Humor? Tinfoil hat stories? My little brain can’t comprehend those obscure words.


  3. […] Originally published on TeslaMondo. […]


  4. […] Originally published on TeslaMondo. […]


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