Chrysler, Daimler the next diesel weasels?

  • Diesel Weasel TeslaMondoScandal fatigue has officially set in. So many automakers are lying and cheating that nobody is keeping score anymore. Hyundai is under investigation for delaying recalls. FCA is getting sued by the feds for stinking up the joint. Daimler is getting probed for the same.

It’s just automotive business as usual. This is why Tesla is thriving while Big Auto is sagging, and why more executive shakeups are on the way for sure. Just as fossil fuel isn’t a sustainable energy source, defrauding regulators and consumers isn’t a sustainable modus operandi.
More diesel weasels TeslaMondo

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One thought on “Chrysler, Daimler the next diesel weasels?

  1. Timmy says:

    Can’t wait for the third installment of the “Who Killed” trilogy!


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