Tesla brand about to hit the roof*

If you read the responses to Musk’s solar roof tweet, you’ll see that some people think Tesla is talking car roofs, not house roofs. So Tesla is still just an automaker in much of the public mind. This will finally change starting today. Tesla will become a clean energy company, as investors have been chanting for over a year now.

It seems these Tesla roofs have the curb appeal of Tesla cars. If the roofs are stronger, prettier and better-insulating, and there’s at least some rationale for additional up-front cost, then solar roofs have already hit the tipping point, fresh out of the gate. We might witness a Model III-scale consumer response starting TODAY.

Ford and GM shareholders are growing grumpy about Tesla’s stock performance compared to their own, as recent headlines attest. Well, today that whole comparison may become apples to oranges at last.

UPDATE: Seems this will be the Model S of roofing: pricey, responsible, aspirational, durable and totally novel. As with Model S, initial chatter revolves around ROI, with Tesla’s mathematical rationale under intense scrutiny.

Will there be a Model III to follow?

*No more “roof” puns. That was the one and only.

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