Model III size an asset in other lands

Assuming this isn’t fake, it’s a pretty good illustration of why Model III could sell for S/X money some locales. People might pony up the $$ just to avoid this kind of scenario.

Even if this video is fake, it still shows why American girth doesn’t always add value. Sometimes it subtracts.

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 8.35.06 AM


One thought on “Model III size an asset in other lands

  1. O. Shinar says:

    This relates to a new “risk” the model 3 presumably poses for Tesla: cannibalizing sales of the Model S and possibly also the Model X. It is worth mentioning that no one makes such a claim with regard to VW, which sells many, many cars in different categories based on exactly the same platform. Did anyone suggest the Golf would hurt Passat sales just because the Passat is based on the Golf platform (only slightly longer)? According to Wikipedia, “Passat uses the PQ46 platform for its sixth generation, an improved enlarged version of the Golf Mk5 and Jetta Mk5’s PQ35 platform.” While the current Golf uses a totally new platform, US version of the Passat still uses this old platform.


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