Q1 call both exciting and confusing

The amorphous Model Y is really shaping up. New platform. New factory. New electrical architecture. New level of production automation — into uncharted territory for any automaker. Clearly this is more than just a crossover version of the III. Sounds more like the debut of a new and improved manufacturer entering a wholly different phase of its life.

Minibus a maybe. Is this because the Y and the minibus will turn out to be the same creature? In short form and long form? Maybe.

Model III has “nothing to see here.” It’s still sporting the spartan dash with the little floating screen, the prototype setup that supposedly would give way to the REAL steering and controls: the spaceship ones. Something doesn’t add up here. Either the spaceship stuff was hyperbole, or we still aren’t seeing the real interior. You know what else doesn’t add up? Spaceship controls. Nobody knows anything about spaceship controls or how they’d be remotely useful in a terrestrial machine. But we want them anyway. Why?

Tesla semi could generate massive fleet business. For transport companies, it will boil down to the simple math of cost per mile, per ton etc. Could the tipping point be simpler?

TSLA story is congealing. If Model III, Y and Semi can do in their segments what the S/X have done in theirs (there’s no solid reason to doubt it) — while Tesla makes hay in the battery/solar industries, the TSLA story is complete.

Service loaners will be top-drawer Teslas. This will keep people from squawking too much about elapsed time — and it might result in some upgrades: “Hey, just wondering, if I wanted to trade mine for this one, how much would it cost?” You know you’ll be hearing that every day at Tesla service centers.

The stock is correcting. Given the recent run-up, it’s not surprising and not unhealthy. Stocks are living creatures that inhale and exhale.

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2 thoughts on “Q1 call both exciting and confusing

  1. Brian says:

    I think I speak on behalf of many of us when I state that TeslaMondo has also been exciting or confusing or both!


  2. Roy Wiprud says:

    AS for the semi, all you have to do is watch Logan when they’re driving on the freeway… driverless, electrically powered freight in the 2020’s. NAFTA? LAFTA…


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