Musk stars in BMW spook video


Musk at window TeslaMondo

What BMW brass sees every night

BMW fears it’s falling behind in EV and autonomous tech, so it’s showing employees a scary movie about obsolescence, with Musk as the monster. “We’re in the midst of an electric assault,” says the narrator while Musk is onscreen — according to this account. TeslaMondo was not invited to the screening.

Let’s back up just a few years. In 2014, BMW publicly accused Musk of trying to associate himself with BMW by “talking up” partnership rumors, as if he was trying to piggyback on BMW’s image. Three years later, Musk is the face of terror at BMW offices.

BMW’s i-team, you may recall, went AWOL and joined a Chinese startup. Musk laughing at the i3 might have impacted their morale a bit. What a horror show.

Salem's Lot final


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