When journalists smoke crack, volume 23,565

The Street decided that Tesla’s innocuous third-party recall regarding a parking brake component should be billed as one of the biggest automotive blunders of all time. And they figured the best way to illustrate the story is a Tesla pop-up store (?)


But the next morning, the crew apparently decided they might have oversold the story. Yes, they went right back to the drawing board, wiped everything clean, and came up with this new, improved headline that, like, totally befits this parking brake recall. Ready?


Much better. Not.

Cramer, if you’re reading this, please leave a comment about what you’re smoking and how much.

6 thoughts on “When journalists smoke crack, volume 23,565

  1. Dan Gessler says:

    It’s all about the Benjamins..


  2. James Rowland says:

    Apparently, their staff didn’t get the memo: If your headline is a question that can correctly be answered with the word “no”, you shouldn’t write it.


  3. […] Originally published on TeslaMondo. […]


  4. M. H. Kane says:

    ” Internet Journalists ” Heh, top notch comedy there RWF !!!


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