Leaving, returning to TSLA proved timely

You may recall TeslaMondo divested its shares of Tesla and Mobileye last summer and sank everything into Nvidia. Here was the plot:

“Tesla and Mobileye will likely trade sideways for a few months while NVDA rises. TeslaMondo plans to pile back into TSLA, with more $$$ in hand, in time for part II of the Model III reveal. As for MBLY, we’ll see. The company will become increasingly important for sure, but Model III will arrive first. So think of this move as going to the ATM to withdraw more money for TSLA.

Well, here’s how it shook out:

  1. Part II of the Model III reveal still hasn’t come, regardless of what Tesla says.
  2. Mobileye, which TeslaMondo bought long ago, then bought some more, then sold — was suddenly gobbled up by Intel.
  3. NVDA stock did indeed explode in the second part of 2016 while TSLA unbuttoned its pants and took a nap on the couch, exactly as predicted.

Sticking to the plot, TeslaMondo sold NVDA in chunks in early 2017 and started buying TSLA. Some $$ was diverted for other uses, so there’s some missing money here:

portfolio check 4-10-17

Overall, the plot panned out well. Partial credit goes to pure luck, of course. Who knew that Trump and Tesla would get along at all, never mind tete-a-tete? Who knew that a rapper named Tencent would buy a five percent stake in Tesla? Yeah boyeee! Imagine if 50 Cent follows suit?

Tencent Rapper TeslaMondo

One thought on “Leaving, returning to TSLA proved timely

  1. Timmy says:

    If tencent bought 5 percent, can 50 cent be far behind?


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