Major M, you’ve really made the grade

Congrats to Musk, Shotwell et al for a giant leap that didn’t carry a historic quote such as “one giant leap” but is tantamount to that moon landing as a milestone in space exploration and general “space excitement.” And congrats to Musk, Straubel et al for the imminent Model III, and Musk, Musk et al for the solar roof debut. And congrats to Musk for launching Neuralink, which could fully uncork the human mind AND even preserve the mind after the body dies. Some of humanity’s greatest thinkers might still be with us, helping us, if their brains were digitized and decoupled — freed, essentially, from the frailty of the human body. Hawking unchained? Better hurry.

Yes, looks like 2017 may go down as a very significant year in Musk’s war on complacency. Oh, congrats for digging holes too. Every boy likes to dig, but the holes usually have zero potential for improving traffic, excepting insect and worm traffic.

But none of this matters. No HUD in Model III? No hatch either? O the shame.


One thought on “Major M, you’ve really made the grade

  1. An avid reader of the blog says:

    E.M. is a very down-to-earth Martian, si, but a bit squared, isn’t he?


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