Why not start Model Y pre-orders?

Model X reservations article TeslaMondo

Yes, people started lining up for Model X in 2012. They didn’t begrudge Tesla a whole lot for the long wait, did they?

Too early, you say? Well, let’s see. Model X pre-orders began in February of 2012. Meaningful volume production began four years later, much longer than expected. This time around, a four-year incubation period would actually be expected, true? With Model III about to launch two years ahead of its original forecast, Tesla is proving to be a fast learner. Those four years might really become three.

Remember the erstwhile Tesla resale guarantee? Tesla could offer a similar guarantee to Model III buyers: If you turn it in for a Model Y in _________ years, you’ll get at least __________ trade-in value toward a Model Y assuming __________ miles on the odometer and wear/tear under ______________ dollars.

This would keep today’s Model III reservation holders from defecting to the Model Y queue. The III would become an early reservation for a Model Y. A nutty, slapdash idea? Probably, but don’t forget which website you’re reading.

Here’s a Model Y rendering leaked directly from a source at Tesla.

Tesla Model Y rendering TeslaMondo

But seriously, Tesla now has such brand cachet that anything will trigger $1,000 deposits en masse. So Y not open the spigot?

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One thought on “Why not start Model Y pre-orders?

  1. Biff says:

    oh cmon sir. They/He did not expect the response to the M3. And people now have to wait years even if everything goes right. T does not advertise because they can’t meet the demand, Remember? Another 400k or more reservations for the next thing might be made but the wait will be all that much longer. There is no return (ROI) on doing that again at this time. It costs less to tweet a bit and have everyone just talk about it. The $400 mil would be just pocket change and not worth the years of people’s angst, cancelled and new reservations. etc.
    However the pickup truck! …
    And I’m waiting for the roadster 2, no 3, no its 4! I think.


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