Model III still cloaked for good reasons

Here are four possible reasons why Tesla won’t reveal any details about the Model III until it’s already in production, presumably this summer.

  1. There’s no need to generate more sales.
  2. Why tip your hand to the competition?
  3. Some things might not be finalized. Huh? With just a few months left? Absolutely. This ain’t Detroit we’re talking about. On-the-fly changes are a Tesla hallmark.
  4. Some Model III features may leapfrog the S and X, rendering them stale already. Relentless innovation can shorten the shelf life of your products. With phones or graphic cards costing a few hundred dollars, this isn’t a big consumer problem. They can easily upgrade. With cars, it’s a problem. And retrofitting Tesla’s latest tech into the S/X might be difficult or impossible. So, in short, Tesla might be savoring the last glory days of the S/X. The III might vanguard the “second generation” of Tesla products that make the first look like possum’s peckers.

11 thoughts on “Model III still cloaked for good reasons

  1. H. G. Wells says:

    Yes you are right.

    I don’t think there’s any need to generate more sales. The 400,000 orders they currently have will take at least two years to work through. Showing what’s behind the curtain could hurt model X and model S sales slightly. I think they are currently production limited and not customer limited.

    One feature I think we might see, is two charging ports. The Tesla standard connector and also a CCS. This would reduce the number of times that a model three would need to use a Tesla supercharger. Of course this could also be done by having a CCS adapter at a reasonable price.

    Boy this timeline certainly is a fascinating one.


  2. Anon says:

    I DO NOT understand this apparent fascination you have with Possum Anatomy.


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  4. mike580 says:

    Could reason four also be one of the reasons why they weren’t keen on giving production predictions for Model S & X, they’re expecting those sales to tank when Model 3 arrives.
    That would make Model 3 even more important than it already is.


  5. Red Sage says:

    Those seem like very reasonable points to me. I’ve remained skeptical of those who hold the position that Tesla must somehow ‘protect’ their Generation II cars, Model S and Model X, from the Model ☰. Those cars still have a lot of life left in them, Model S should last until at least mid-2020, and Model X to 2023 without issue. But they should be surpassed by the next Generation of cars, beginning with Model ☰ and later, Model Y. It is inevitable and necessary.

    The Model S has already paid for itself, selling the equivalent of 11 years worth of cars in only 4-1/2. The Model X seems poised to overtake AUDI Q7, BMW X5, and Mercedes-Benz GL/GLS in U.S. Sales during 2017, and is already ahead of Porsche Cayenne. Those cars will be too busy eating the lunch of their direct competitors to worry about their own Sales being somehow ‘cannibalized’ by Model ☰.

    Remain calm. All is well.




  7. Fun_for_the_grandkids says:

    The glory days of the S/X have still to be savoured as it takes more than an ‘E’ to be SEXY. There’ll definitely be new models S and X and they’ll have all the features of the ‘E’ plus some. And they’ll still be around (getting better all the time) when the ‘Y’ arrives. Coordinating and scheduling implementation of big innovations and managing different sets of customer expectations will always be tricky hence, I guess, no guidance on second half S and X production.


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