The unasked questions from yesterday

  1. The Tesla fleet is about to grow exponentially. The charging network, at least in the US, is about to double. Nice. But what about Tesla service capacity? Isn’t the ratio of cars to service centers about to get pulled into Silly String? Is Tesla banking on a problem-free product? Is Tesla reasoning by analogy by looking at the relatively uneventful recall history of Model S/X? Or is TeslaMondo guilty of reasoning by analogy by assuming Model III is like other cars and will need physical attention like other cars — and will need such attention BEFORE it’s possible to send them back to Tesla autonomously?
  2. If employees are going to drive around this summer in production-spec Model IIIs, what protects them from paparazzi? Even the Gigafactory — a building, folks — attracted aggressive photographers until Tesla put the smack-down on them. Or, seen another way, what’s to prevent these employees from profiting immensely by leaking info?
  3. Why don’t we hear from anyone at Tesla besides the CFO, CTO and CEO? Where’s brand chief Ganesh Srivats, for example?
  4. Why does a powerful technology company like Tesla allow its earnings calls to be force-fed to the public through a raspy audio feed and archived with a cruddy little audio player, so the calls are both hard to hear AND frustrating to rewind/fast forward? Shouldn’t the company that’s tackling massive industries like automotive and electricity show more interest in how it communicates with the investment and journalism communities? Why should it be so effortless to see, hear and manipulate Wonder Woman spin transformations from the 1970s, but so exasperating to study a 2017 Tesla earnings call?




5 thoughts on “The unasked questions from yesterday

  1. Willem says:

    Ad 2. I cannot understand Musk’s suggestion to have an Unveiling Part 3 in July. Before production starts in July Tesla employees must have had the opportunity to configure their car. So all options and prices should be known well before July. Why not share that info during an Unveiling Part 3 somewhere in Q2? It seems impossible (and useless) to keep all that info secret.


  2. Evjuice says:

    Tesla service seems unprepared. Even a flawless car gets in on -road accidents. There were damaged Model S’ in the repair facilities in CA in the first few weeks. Probably helped by an unusually powerful sedan. As amazing as Tesla service is, they do seem to do a lot of late nights. Multiply the slow trickle S rollout by the downpour of 3s and service could need scuba gear. That said, Tesla has usually thought of everything at this level of importance and probably has some plan for this.


  3. Timmy says:

    Good questions. Unlike yesterday’s not-so-accurate prediction. 😉 ( Departing+new/old CFO?!; single price for car-insurance-service?!; 3 more Gigs being considered?!; alia.)

    btw, are all public companies’ conference calls required to be public?
    Also, it looks like (cleaned up?) versions of some of these calls find their way to YouTube.


  4. Timmy says:

    ps. Speaking of archaic systems from well-established tech companies, what is UP with this WordPress commenting system? “Website”? (ru kidding?) No editing feature, no Reply… what? “Confirm follow” email, link and new tab *for every friggin’ post? Give me a break!

    Get with it, WordPress. Hire ONE more developer to revamp your comment system, already. Or just plug in Disqus. Oy veh.


  5. GCustom says:

    They do so well with their unveilings and SpaceX launches, use that


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