Uneventful earnings call predicted

What to expect TeslaMondoCriswell predicts TeslaMondoHere’s what we’ll hear: Part III of Model III reveal is coming in a few months. We knew that. The company aims to eke out some production units before the shot clock runs out this year, but production ramp healthier than with Model X in 2015. We knew that. Tesla Energy is growing rapidly. We knew that. Expansion into India and Dubai have lots of promise in coming years. Yeah, yeah. The SolarCity acquisition is like a python digesting a cat — taxing in the short-term but ultimately rewarding.

Anything shocking there? No. TeslaMondo predicts TSLA may let off some steam, given the high pressure, but pressure will re-build as the Model III reveal draws near.

The mainstream press and numerous analysts seem baffled about the recent stock run. It’s very simple. Lots of investors made a new year’s resolution to buy TSLA ahead of Model III. Trump initially gave them pause, but it turns out Tesla and Trump kinda need each other, as TeslaMondo predicted last fall. The immense short interest made the long story all the more enticing. Sure enough, a squeeze is already underway. If anyone is losing sleep over this earnings call, it’s the hapless shorts who are still clinging to the balloon rope as it lifts them fatally high.

2 thoughts on “Uneventful earnings call predicted

  1. Neil S says:

    Do you believe any analysts will upgrade their price targets following the earnings call or stock with their existing estimates? There seems to be a fairly wide gap between current price and median estimates.


  2. Neil S says:

    Was meant to say ‘stick with their existing estimates?’


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