Musk should flee Trump before this worsens

Musk should quit Trump’s business roundtables ASAP, while the fallout would still be relatively minor. Sure, Tesla stock may take a hit, but it’s better than the long term implications of rubbing shoulders with a reckless buffoon, a man who apparently never made the childhood mistake of swatting a hornets’ nest. The hornets don’t go away, and your back yard does not become safer. Instead, the episode ends badly for the idiot holding the stick and anyone in the immediate vicinity.  

Musk’s life was already in danger for rattling large, sophisticated institutions. Now he’s flirting with a wholly different kind of danger. Radicals, newly stimulated by Trump’s childish attempt at corralling Muslims, will see Trump’s business roundtable as unprotected Trump cohorts, low-hanging fruit.

Yes, we know that Musk is trying to speak out, trying to add a voice of reason. That provides zero distinction for armed nitwits with insect minds and insect vision. You’re nearby? You’re getting stung. Musk is probably starting to notice that reasoning with Trump is impossible. Reasoning with hornets is beyond impossible. TeslaMondo thinks Elon should turn and sprint.


8 thoughts on “Musk should flee Trump before this worsens

  1. BEP says:

    I disagree.


  2. Robert van Gent says:


    Making Musk a member of a business/economic round table was Trumps strategic move to make him mouthshut and handstight. Remember who had to stay after that first big meeting with tech gigants? Apple and Tesla. The match of those two companies ? They both started their last product presentations and key notes with this picture:

    Both the biggest enemies of old coal and big oil. Keep your enemies close.


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  3. An avid reader of the blog says:

    This was probably a lose-lose situation, where he did not have much of a choice. Even if his message gets misinterpreted in the short term, the main point is, he has spoken out and we are aware that something’s up. And something definitely is, simply because he had no reason to tweet about this at all (everyone was surprised, weren’t they?) This was a strategic move on his part. He basically established the parameters (for any sort of perceived endorsement) and made it known he will speak up in the future if administration does not bend his way. This makes it harder (for oiligarchy and folks doing their bidding) to dismiss his opinion outright in the future. Simply telling the other side off would have been counterproductive. The guy is unequivocally brilliant. Having access to (arguably) the biggest pool of innovators compelled to do right thing for humanity as a whole, doesn’t hurt either


  4. Willem Suermondt says:

    ‘Honey badger don’t care. Honey badger don’t give a shit’. That’s the motto of Steve Bannon, the man behind Trump. No fear of swatting a hornets’ nest. That’s what he loves: disrupting the political arena and turning the debrie on the battlefield into his gain. See the Bloomberg report:
    I believe Elon Musk understands the Trump approach: If you’re not with us, you’re against us. These are hard times for someone trying to save the planet. But that’s what Elon will be remembered for. Not for showing up at these Trump meetings.


  5. Anon says:

    Native Americans Protest against Oil Pipelines run through their sacred land. Issue eventually solved by Oil Companies stating they will reroute pipeline. Vindictive, Petty, 1950’s Mentality Tump makes it a point to reverse a decision made under Huge Pubic Protest. Reason and Respect, are not things Trump understands or cares about.

    Currently / Near Future:
    Elon (and his companies) gets tainted by mere association, and I assume, eventually dropped from Trump’s Inner Circle by publicly speaking out against issues like Atmospheric Carbon, Muslim Refugee Ban and Enforced Protection of Discrimination by Religion.

    Long Term:
    There will be no winners. This is what happens when False Equivalency Propaganda, Fake News and Systemic Voter Apathy let an Unfit, Uncouth, Unqualified Redneck Billionaire win an Election and lead a nation in the spirit of the world’s greatest Dictators.

    This is what happens when you take your political system for granted, kids.


  6. Go Tesla says:

    to all the left leaning friends who don’t “get it” Ecclesiastes 10:2


  7. Anon says:


    Sorry, but “Jesus” (Or Trump for that matter) won’t save you from your blind stupidity. The hell you’re going to “get” on earth, is the one you helped create.


  8. Trump/Tillerson will gut Musk and feed him his own entrails. The Exxon-Russia deal is worth a half trillion dollars and Tesla will not be allowed to endanger it. They will wait until a critical moment when the M3 is about to ship, then launch a BS SEC/FBI investigation into Tesla and kill the company. Trumps cronies will make a fortune shorting Tesla stock.


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