Such Bold and Beautiful moments

  • A German environmental official drives a Tesla Model S. Meanwhile, Musk owns, or recently owned, an Audi Q7. Breaking rank? How bold and beautiful.
  • Tesla’s new Autopilot chief says he thinks of cars as appliances, and thus wants them to simply function flawlessly and faithfully. A declaration of disinterest in cars, even though he reports to a CEO bent on warping the human brain with g-force? This ranks as a bold and beautiful moment. TeslaMondo has long pointed out the confusing duality of Tesla. It wants to thrill the driver AND remove the driver.
  • TSLA has zipped past $250/share just one day after The Street said, “It could be a bumpy road to get the shares over $250.” Derrrr . . .  A bold and beautiful moment of knuckle-dragging stupidity from the financial press. Who pays these stinky primates, and why?
  • TSLA shorts are probably starting to lose both sleep and money because of this bold and beautiful upward slope in TSLA’s recent chart. Recent longs, on the other hand, bought a stairway to heaven. It’s becoming clearer by the day that President Heat Miser and Trump advisor Peter Thiel, a longtime Musk chum, are nothing short of omnipotent Tesla allies. We could be looking at the opening days of a long, agonizing short squeeze. Whether quick and brutal or slow and tortuous, short squeezes are bold and beautiful.


In the summer of 2015, the Bold and the Beautiful made profuse use of a Model S to punctuate the return of the Ridge Forrester character. Well, just yesterday the same soap slathered a Model X all over the screen. Ridge’s daughter owns one.


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One thought on “Such Bold and Beautiful moments

  1. Timmy says:

    “It wants to thrill the driver AND remove the driver.”

    Yes and no. I’d say:

    They want to thrill the owner, both through the driving experience AND
    by giving him or her the option of not driving at times of their choosing.


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