Prediction about diesel weasels comes true

Diesel Weasel TeslaMondoTeslaMondo predicted, on Sept. 26 of 2015, that the VW scandal would force other weasels from their holes:

“Meanwhile, TeslaMondo predicts other automakers will fess up to similar EPA-duping shenanigans, and soon. We’ve seen this with big recalls. One company issues a scary-sounding recall that generates press; others soon follow while attention is diverted. And so everyone’s dirty laundry tends to zing along the clothesline all at once. Doubtless VW is not alone in cheating the sniff test. And automakers also fudge gas mileage. Ask Hyundai and Ford. The NYT just wrote a pretty good history of automaker trickery. What a dirty business, trying to peddle machines that drink too much and fart too much.”

FCA isn’t exactly “fessing up.” Rather, it has been quietly submitting docs for a couple years during an EPA investigation. Apparently it decided not to utilize the delete button as much as VW did.

It’s interesting that VW had a great 2016 despite a steady drumbeat of news about its execs being dragged away from their desks. It’s clear that consumers expect scumminess in the auto world, from the dealerships all the way back to the factories.

So FCA is just another player using performance-enhancing drugs. Hey, everyone cheats. Surely our kids are picking up on this.


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