They’re going to spam our windshields ASAP

When cars drive themselves, we’ll do a lot of staring into space, with no need to concentrate on driving. A captive audience. You can figure out the rest. Car windshields, and maybe the other windows too, will become billboards. Companies will flash their messages between our eyeballs and the outside world as much we’ll allow. When you combine this with the inevitable arrival of neural lace, which literally computerizes the human brain, it seems we’re heading toward a very intimate relationship with the commercial interests around us.

  1. Our transportation.
  2. Our houses. They have windows, and soon will have AI assistants like Google’s.
  3. Our personal gadgets: smartphones, smart glasses, smart watches etc.
  4. Our gray matter.

All will merge into one totally awesome marketing opportunity for, say, Red Robin. When they’re offering a free large drink for a limited time, you WILL know about it from the minute you open your blinds. The car will know the nearest location and will suggest a visit. You might even feel a strange hankering for a hamburger. All week.

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