TeslaMondo tiptoes back to TSLA, MBLY

A couple days ago, TeslaMondo sold some NVDA shares and bought 1,193 shares of MBLY and 186 shares of TSLA. Why?

MBLY: Mobileye’s name now rubs shoulders with BMW, Here and Intel in tech headlines. Last year’s breakup with Tesla has moved quickly down the mental conveyor belt as new Mobileye partnerships lend new validation. At some point this year, Mobileye’s many conquests over the past few years, and these latest ones, should finally start to bear fruit.

TSLA: Tesla will reveal the rest of Model III. Even if it doesn’t reach production in 2017, the Big Reveal will reignite the ol’ Tesla shock and awe, fit to burn for the rest of the calendar year.

Both stocks have room to climb before they push against all-time highs and cause stock analysts to spontaneously pee their pants.


2 thoughts on “TeslaMondo tiptoes back to TSLA, MBLY

  1. Dave B says:

    Glad you took my advice 🙂 I hope you sold the NVDA before the drop and grabbed the TSLA before trading on Wednesday!


  2. Terry says:

    Well done…
    I held my TSLA thru the valley last several months with lotsa of worries.
    I remember you sold around 220’s and now back to pick up the ride.


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