FF survives 2016 with Velcro and tape

Construction contractors are balking. Landlords are squawking. Bigwigs are leaving. The seat supplier is fleeing. The vending machine contractor refuses to re-stock the machines, forcing employees to ration the few remaining bags of Cheetos. Someone stole the knobs from the toaster oven in the break room, forcing the staff to guess the temperature settings and putting them at risk of overheating their leftovers.

Such is the state of Faraday Future as CES 2017 approaches. TeslaMondo would like to see someone jump the rope at the FF display and tug on the body panels a little, just to see what happens.

TeslaMondo predicted FF would throw in the towel and ditch its US plans by year’s end, but nope. There are no towels to throw. The towel supplier skipped town and slipped an overdue bill under the back door.

So TeslaMondo was wrong.

But Andrew Left, a.k.a. Citron Research, didn’t fare any better with his boldest prediction for 2016. He called Mobileye the short of the year. Well, let’s see. The stock opened the year at 42.28 and ended the year at 38.12. Granted, it dipped to 24.54 early in the year — but the entire market dipped in unison, so that doesn’t count. Looking back a little further, Left misjudged Tesla’s “real competition” too. His chosen example, the BMW i3, proved a particularly bad choice, as the entire BMW i-team jumped ship.

Just remember, Left isn’t always right.



One thought on “FF survives 2016 with Velcro and tape

  1. Timmy says:

    Velcro and tape, yes, but don’t forget the baling wire.

    Also, your talk of jumping the rope and the ship only makes me think of 2016 as the year that FF jumped the proverbial shark. Well, FF and the American voting populace, but that’s another topic altogether.

    Happy ’17 and 2017 — both prime numbers btw, which hopefully portends well for people and the planet !!


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