Musk and JB see two new business opps

No, not tunnels.

JB says: “There’s a new industry that’s yet to be created, which is really a re-processing industry for all of the energy storage devices, all of the batteries that are going into e-mobility. To re-process them and refine them back into new refurbished batteries.”

Musk says: “Something that I think is going to be quite important, and I don’t know of a company that’s working on it seriously, is a neural lace.” With our brains augmented by electronics, here’s how we might function: “You’ve got your limbic system, your cortex, and then a digital layer, sort of a third layer above the cortex.”

This would spread the power of AI to everyone instead of a few hoarders. And this layer would interface with the world in a totally new way, bypassing a key human limitation, specifically our sluggish I/O, especially output. We think quickly but type slowly, for example. Our hands hinder us. Why not bypass them and communicate brain-to-computer, or brain-to-brain? One day, a keyboard might share a display with an ink-dipped quill in a museum exhibit called “Was That Tedious Or What?”


4 thoughts on “Musk and JB see two new business opps

  1. Troy Frank says:

    Yeah, controlling people via disinformation and propaganda is too inefficient. It would be better if we could just directly access their brain to change their mind for them. Musk might not, but others certainly would.

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  2. RWF says:

    Then chalk up another fledgling industry: tinfoil hat engineering.


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