Here comes yet another bold new Camry

Since the dawn of the internet, literally every single Camry generation has been trumpeted with the same word track about abandoning the plain styling of the previous generation, even though the previous generation was supposedly far sexier than the one before that. To wit:

Image result for 1992 camry silver1992 Camry:
“Remember when Nissan and Toyota made four-door sedans that, despite being as dependable as the sun and as trouble-free as an anvil, were sort of dumb-looking? It’s time to file those memories away with your eight-track tapes and your Bob Dylan records. The times have indeed changed, and there’s no more stunning example than the new Toyota Camry.”


Image result for 1997 camry silver

1997 Camry: “The designers have mixed in some sporty cues to give it a more youthful appeal and to help separate it from its larger Avalon cousin.”


Image result for 2002 camry silver2002 Camry: “Styling is all new, designed to add sensuality to what has been a bland design.” Camry: “Toyota engineers opted for enhanced performance and style, shooting for an athletic, energetic image. ‘Camry buyers,’ Toyota executives explained, ‘felt that the car was too ordinary.’” Camry: “The 2012 Camry was just introduced, and among the usual remarks about the car being more fuel efficient, less expensive, and filled with safety equipment, the company said another goal was to give it an ‘engaging driving experience.’”


Image result for 2015 camry LE silver2015 Camry: “So even though plain-Jane styling and everyday driving dynamics have served the Camry very well over the years, Toyota’s decision to unleash a more stylish, more responsive Camry for 2015 was actually a pretty safe bet.”



2018 Camry: “Previous Camrys have been white bread.” — Toyota engineer. “For Toyota, the overhaul of the Camry has transformed a “vanilla” sedan into a small ice cream cart of flavors.” — Automotive News

What’s the point of this post? Toyota may have finally exhausted their “This time it’s different” pitch after milking it for — oh, let’s see — twenty-five years. Tesla is about to build something that’s truly different, for not much more money. What if Camry customers catch wind of this?



2 thoughts on “Here comes yet another bold new Camry

  1. Anonymous says:

    Teslamondo taking a dump in my eyes with a page full of Toyota garbage is worse than this : >==> … because at least they paid for a Tesla model S.


  2. Brian says:

    Be nice to RWF!


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