These things could totally happen

1. Some early Model III owners could immediately re-sell their cars upon delivery, at a premium, while benefitting from the $7500 tax incentive too.

2. The same people who refuse to travel by plane, despite the favorable safety statistics, may fear autonomous cars. They cannot bring themselves to trust a machine, no matter what the safety stats say. They probably have super-strong quads and glutes from climbing stairs instead of using elevators.

3. This guy might be energy secretary under President Heat Miser. screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-10-50-05-pm

4. The advent of autonomy might create a baboon-like hierarchy, a caste system. We might see “carlords” who own a fleet of Model IIIs and sublet them to lesser fleet owners and so on, until you get to the unwashed end user.


One thought on “These things could totally happen

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