TeslaMondo avoids those annoying “How” headlines, except for today.

How GM beat Tesla

When Tesla eked out a few Model Xs last September, to keep its promise of a Q3 launch, some people snickered. Well, this year GM plans to eke out a few Re-Volts before the shot clock runs out Dec. 31. This means history will show production began in 2016, a full integer ahead of the Model III. Yay GM! But even in 2017, GM will continue to tiptoe. It will send the Re-Volt only to the west coast initially, then slowly into other regions. So let the record show that GM will beat Tesla to market with a 200-mile EV only by avoiding 95 percent of the market — and then pussyfooting into full production of about 30k units/year. If this is a “beating,” it’s the kind you hire by the hour while tied to your bed.

How TeslaCity/SolarMotors beat roofers

It took about nine years and three generations of cars for Tesla to reach the mass-market “tipping point.” But the solar roof might “tip” right out of the gate. At the Tesla/SolarCity shareholder event, Musk said the solar roof might cost the same or less than a regular roof, even before factoring the energy component. Part of that accomplishment will come from dodging supply chain inefficiencies. But really, cheaper than a “regular roof?” What is a regular roof? The predominant roofing material in the US is asphalt shingle, but Musk was likely referring to ceramic tiles instead, because later he mentioned the roofing industry suffers from a lot of breakage during shipping/handling. Do asphalt shingles often break during shipping?

How some investors plan to get rich

Someone tweeted about putting his entire net worth into Tesla stock. Musk should have responded, “I did the same a few years ago during the recession, when I was selling six-figure electric sports cars that nobody on earth needs.” TeslaMondo also put its entire portfolio into Tesla in early 2013, but migrated to NVDA three months ago. Tesla is trying to alter the earth’s axis. It’s a grind, even if the earth is budging.


2 thoughts on “TeslaMondo avoids those annoying “How” headlines, except for today.

  1. Neil says:

    Great move over to NVDA. Just shot up – do you see it still having legs?


  2. Peter Egan says:

    Asphalt tile roofs look light weight and obviously use cheap materials. Unlikely a Tesla solar roof will be cheaper. Elon said the glass tiles are light – thus the roof structure can be lighter and, thus, cheaper that the structure for a traditional tile roof. Perhaps the asphalt tile and glass solar tile roofs require the same structure. I would assume, when the benefits of a solar system are factored in, solar glass roofs are both the best and cheapest tile roofs.


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