Hubris Interruptus: FF stops pushing dirt

Funny-Shaped Future has halted its Nevada factory construction — or, rather, the construction company has done so — while FF reassesses its fast-evaporating puddle of money. Nevada’s treasurer just told Reuters that FF is a “Ponzi scheme.” At this point, knowing the company is on such tenuous turf, who would risk $$ by buying an FF vehicle? The company should just put the soil back where it was and go away. TeslaMondo predicts it will do just that before year’s end.

Faraday Future breaking ground

See that groundbreaking ceremony? Who knew that seven months later, those three shovels full of dirt would represent about half of FF’s total progress? Yes, three shovels, not four. Gov. Sandoval, in a masterstroke of frugality, decided to save on dry-cleaning costs by not shoveling anything.


3 thoughts on “Hubris Interruptus: FF stops pushing dirt

  1. Timmy says:

    I, too, predict(ed) that Faraday Future will fail forthwith. Something about them always felt phoney, if not fraudulent.


  2. nitramadams says:

    Although it doesn’t look good, I wish them well. The more manufacturers, the better for the energy transition.


  3. Go Tesla says:

    Maybe Obama will give them a loan before leaving office.


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