Funny-shaped future also reeks anew


“I spend, therefore I am.” Not in the car biz, buddy.

Faraday Future, the Chinese dark horse with grandiose plans to out-Tesla Tesla, is doing just that — in the cash burn contest. And yet it hasn’t built a car, and it’s barely started building its factory. The company chief now admits he’s running out of dough, so he’s forfeiting his salary in a symbolic show of “going down with the ship” to salvage his rep.

Would you buy a car from a Chinese media conglomerate anyway? Especially a “connected” car? Faraday Future has no future and is running out of present. When the company fails, it will make credibility all the more elusive for the Chinese-backed crew trying to resurrect the mighty Whisker Karma.


One thought on “Funny-shaped future also reeks anew

  1. Brian says:

    Are you suggesting that the Tesla-killers are beginning to kill themselves? Or perhaps they are dying a natural, athough perhaps unexpectedly, early death? As they say at The Wharton School, “There is nothing wrong with terminating a business…” Now say that last line with an Austrian accent, or a Chinese accent…just don’t say it with a South African one!


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