Fool cells, diesel weasels reek anew

Seems like Toyota is finally starting to see a market in pure electric vehicles. It famously said the opposite just three years ago, while plotting a two-pronged attack using hybrids and fuel cell vehicles. Well, both prongs are now warped and rusty. The latest Prius is a flop — although the forthcoming plug-in Prime version might do better. And the SoreEye fuel cell car isn’t doing well at all. Will Toyota call Tesla for another collaboration, like the erstwhile RAV4 EV? Hell no. Tesla isn’t a mere contractor anymore. Piggybacking on Uncle Elon at this point would boost Tesla’s image but weaken Toyota’s significantly.

Diesel Weasel TeslaMondoMeanwhile in the smug engineering valhalla known as Germany, the diesel weasel scandal has now engulfed Audi and threatens to write new, ugly chapters just when the book was about to close. The WSJ has unearthed the transcript of an old Audi get-together and found diesel-weaseling was part of routine, open discourse.

TeslaMondo speaks to auto showroom customers every day. Hybrid customers are warming to Tesla very quickly. And VW’s customers are disillusioned. They’re inclined to try another path to high fuel efficiency, such as not using fuel.

Are friends electric? Whatever Gary Numan meant by that question in 1979, the answer in 2016 is absolutely. And enemies are waxing electric too.


Special guest for Model III bonanza?

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