Count Carlos surveys his castle, laughs


Big Auto is pretty safe from scrappy invaders like you-know-whom. The walls are high and the moat wide. So says Count Carlos.


Meanwhile, Nissan is reduced to tapping the shoulders of people waiting in line for a Tesla Model III and offering them a handheld vacuum instead.


Granted, this episode is confined to a tiny corner of the auto world, but few believe it’s going to stay in the corner. Looks like you can count the Count as one of those few.


This echoes the breezy sentiment of Lexus and Mercedes, before Tesla systematically removed some of their internal organs.

The clip below illustrates the Tesla invasion perfectly. About a decade ago — when Elon had a panoramic forehead and Bob Lutz hadn’t yet joined the dark side — the Tesla invasion seemed so petty, so hopeless and so distant, and suffered so many blatant setbacks, that the castle guards were lulled into complacent inertia. Until . . .


5 thoughts on “Count Carlos surveys his castle, laughs

  1. Brian says:

    Yeah!…. T三SLA… So… ” limited. “


  2. An avid reader of the blog says:



  3. John Lindskog says:

    The car company executives are in absolute denial.
    Everything drivetrain other than electric will be obsolete in 2 years. The Model 3 will shock them.
    They genuinely don’t believe Tesla can make 500,000 cars in 2018 or at a profit. They mistake capital investment for losses and prior delays with S and X with future model 3 production.
    What seems blindingly obvious to us will take them by genuine surprise.


  4. […] CEO Count Carlos recently described the high barrier of entry for automotive startups. The castle walls are indeed high, and the moat […]


  5. […] fall, Count Carlos over at Nissan surveyed his moat and laughed at the notion of an invasion. “I know the media love to say we have a new superman coming […]


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