The first roof with “Gotta Have It” factor

What was the point of today’s sketchy presentation, which left so many basic questions unanswered? Well, it served a few key purposes, as TeslaMondo sees it.

First, it reminded everyone that Tesla is trying to tidy up energy production as well as consumption. We’re all sick of reading about “coal-powered” Teslas, true? Second, it reminded everyone that Tesla makes beautiful stuff. Tesla has made electric cars aspirational, wall-mounted batteries a showpiece, and now shingles worthy of a wall display next to the battery. “Other companies flunked with solar shingles,” you say? Yes, just as other companies flunked at selling electric cars and battery storage. Tesla didn’t invent either of them. And third, with the merger vote just ahead, it makes it awfully difficult to pry those nifty panels from Musk’s hand and tell him he can’t have them.

How will Tesla market its roofing in your home town? If Tesla offered you a free Model S loaner for a week just for hosting a (non-functional) new lid on your house and a “Solar Roof by Tesla” sign on your lawn — would you go for it? Send pics of your home to Tesla, with address, and see if it’ll happen.*

Tesla struck a deal with Nordstrom to display the Model X in some of its stores. What about a deal with Home Depot to display Tesla roofing?

Say, has anyone thought of solar shutters? Solar siding? Solar decking? Solar stairs? Solar pavers? Solar sheds? No joke intended. If we’re entering a new era of photovoltaic flexibility and affordability, why stop at the roof?

*Don’t do it. It’s just a thought.


One thought on “The first roof with “Gotta Have It” factor

  1. Glad you asked about solar shutters! We actually have them:


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