Volvo parent looking to dodge dealers

Chinese-owned Volvo’s Chinese-owned sibling, Geely, is eyeing US factory-direct sales in a few years for its Lyft product line. NADA doesn’t like the idea. Look for more stories along this narrative, as Tesla forces everyone to study the century-old car business anew.

Tesla’s American origin helps it during lobbying efforts, but Lyft (using Volvo’s network) will enjoy no such pedigree advantage. Ford briefly owned Volvo, yes, and Jaguar. It managed to drain the lovable brands of every single ounce of personality before selling them to people who are still trying to undo the brain damage. (RIP Saab. The auto world lost some precious, badly-needed character thanks to ham-fisted Bob Lutz at GM.)

So now China plans to ring our doorbells and ask to circumvent American laws to sell a brand akin to Volvo, which America couldn’t handle. This will be interesting.

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