Gratification again delayed

  • TSLA shares won’t benefit much, if at all, from tonight’s revelation. Investors wanted to see a new car, or a new something. But instead, when the game show host pulled back the curtain, the prize was a trip to a five-star resort that’s still under construction and hasn’t received occupancy permits yet.
  • Autonomy is still confusing. How and when will it become totally safe? How and when will it monetize? When will the eeriness wear off? Tesla’s autonomy demonstration video is narrated by the artificial intelligence piloting the car. It’s quite telling. Right off the bat, it plots the repainting of a door.* Moments later, it observes girls going by, dressed in their summer clothes — suggesting it has reproductive instinct.
  • Model III part II didn’t happen last night, despite promising tweets. TeslaMondo plans to pile back into TSLA stock when that event takes place. Until then, Tesla remains a potential investment.
  • Another few minutes of refinement could have made the difference here:


*Today, a door. Tomorrow, a whole town.

One thought on “Gratification again delayed

  1. Brian says:

    Give us a brake!


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